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Used Porsche Taycan Review – More Versatile Than Ever

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If you’re looking to buy a car, you may want to consider the Porsche Taycan. It has a lot to offer, including an EPA rating of 35 miles per gallon, a storage space of more than 650 cubic feet, and a price range that can be as low as $23,000.

Reliability rating

The Porsche Taycan is the first electric vehicle from the German brand, and it comes with tons of new technology. It also includes plenty of safety features.

Porsche is known for its build quality, and the company’s cars are dependable. But they are expensive, and their repairs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are considering purchasing a used Porsche, you should keep this in mind. Check out the huge inventory of Porsche Taycan

In Consumer Reports’ tests, the Taycan was given a reliability rating of two out of five. It was ranked thirteenth out of the 28 major car manufacturers.

While it does have a few issues, Porsche usually fixes them quickly. Generally speaking, the average Porsche visits the repair shop only 0.8 times a year, which isn’t bad.

The Taycan offers a range of cutting-edge safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, and rear cross-traffic alert. It also features an active bonnet, which helps protect passengers in an accident.

In addition, the Taycan has a low center of gravity, which helps it to handle well. Additionally, the Taycan comes standard with a lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. Those features can help avoid accidents, and the car has the capability to be self-driving, too.

The Taycan has a two-speed transmission, which makes it an agile vehicle. In addition, it’s available in a wagon. And it comes with a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.

The Taycan’s EPA estimated range is 246 miles. This means that you can travel a lot of miles with no worry about running out of power.

For drivers who prefer to have some control over their own driving, the Taycan is available in a Sport Turismo version. That version comes with a limited four-year/50,000-mile warranty, as well as free roadside assistance.

Price range

If you are looking for a luxury, sports car that’s also fun to drive, then the Porsche Taycan is the car for you. It’s packed with high-tech features, sporty styling and practicality.

It can take you on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just over 2.5 hours. But that’s assuming you can find a charging station along the way.

The Porsche Taycan is a sporty, albeit limited, electric car. It boasts an 800-volt architecture that allows it to recharge at a rate of 270 kilowatts on a DC fast charger.

Other innovative features include a laser-like full-width brake light, a curved bonnet and a panoramic sunroof. It’s also fun to drive, thanks to rear-axle steering.

There are two models. The base model has a 225-mile range, but the higher-end variants can travel a surprisingly impressive 280 miles in real-world tests.

It’s not hard to figure out why the Taycan is so popular, since it offers all of the luxury of a high-end Porsche along with the flexibility of a modern electric vehicle. You’ll have the choice of a long-range version or a short-range model, which both have an RRP of around PS75,555.

If you want to buy a used model, the price can vary widely. At its cheapest point, a basic version of the Taycan is priced at a whopping PS42,000. The highest-end variant can cost you a cool PS142,791 or more.

To make sure you get a well-maintained model, opt for a Porsche dealer in your area. Make sure to check out their warranty offerings. For example, if you bought a new model and your warranty expires, you can extend it for a mere PS2,860.

Storage Area

If you want to buy a luxury EV, consider the Porsche Taycan. With a starting price of $88,000, you get a tech-focused car with a sporty edge. It also has plenty of innovative features.

The Taycan’s elongated rear end gives it a more head-turning design. There’s also more cargo room. And the smallest Taycan, the 4S, has a decent battery.

Used Porsche Taycan Storage Area

While the Tesla Model S offers better performance, the Taycan does offer an engaging driving experience. But despite its great powertrain, the Taycan’s battery range isn’t quite as long as the Model S.

Another thing to consider is the price. Depending on which model you choose, it will cost thousands more than the Model S. That’s because it has a lot of extra amenities.

For starters, the Taycan comes with a built-in navigation system. In addition, it has an array of digital screens. One of these is a 10.9-inch display in the dashboard, which replaces most of the physical buttons.

Other options include an optional surround-view camera, which is good. Plus, you’ll have a nice sound system.

The rear bench seat can fold down to create more storage space. If you’re hauling groceries or weekend adventure gear, the Taycan can make it happen. However, the two-seater arrangement isn’t very roomy.

There’s also a large boot. Although the front trunk is 2.8 cubic feet, the rear trunk is 14.3 cubic feet.

Some other features you’ll find in the Taycan include an 8.0-inch touchscreen, wireless charging, and a dual-voltage charging system. Combined with the Taycan’s 800-volt architecture, this means it can be charged in as little as 22 minutes.

You can also add on a fourth screen. This allows the front passenger to control the various functions of the car.

EPA range estimates

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a tough time issuing an official range estimate for every new electric vehicle. It has to rely on a set of testing parameters to determine a car’s range. For the Taycan, the EPA chose the World Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP).

While the EPA has yet to release its official range estimates for the 2020 model year, we can get a good idea from EPA reports and a few other sources. These are not the actual numbers, but they should provide a baseline against which other electric vehicles can be measured.

The EPA’s estimates are for the Taycan’s entry-level model, which comes with a 79.2 kWh battery pack. This is a small battery pack compared to some other vehicles. So, it’s no surprise that the EPA’s rated range is a bit low.

Porsche has improved the EPA-rated range of the Taycan for the 2021 model year. This includes the base sedan, the four-seat coupe and the GTS. They all now cover 200 miles.

The EPA’s test procedure also includes a regenerative braking feature, which helps charge the battery. Other automakers have used this to help boost range.

There are a few models on the market that claim to have greater than a 200-mile EPA range. But how well does the Taycan perform?

A test conducted by Roadshow, Edmunds and The Drive revealed that the Porsche Taycan’s best claimed mileage is actually quite modest. However, these tests did indicate that the vehicle was more than adequately capable of covering the shortest distance in a reasonable amount of time.

On the other hand, the EPA’s rated range for the Taycan Turbo is a lot less impressive. Even the cheapest Taycan variants are not rated for more than 203 miles.


A new recall for Porsche Taycan electric cars has been issued. This will affect more than 40,421 Taycans worldwide.

The recall will be fixed by a software update. Owners will be notified on April 22. If your car is affected, you will need to visit a local Porsche dealership.

The Taycan was launched last year. It is a sporty, low-slung four-door sports car with a 450-kilometre range. It features an active bonnet to protect passengers in an accident. Among its other standard features are a panoramic sunroof and a navigation system.

But, some of the Taycan’s safety features have also been recalled. These include loose suspension components that were improperly installed at the factory, brake boosters that become loose, and malfunctioning hazard lights.

Another issue is a wiring harness that could wear out and become damaged. That can cause deactivation of the airbags. In addition, it could trigger a dashboard warning that asks the driver to find a safe place to stop.

As with other Taycan safety recalls, the company has issued a software update that will fix the problem. Some vehicles already have the update.

The update modifies the power electronics and the engine control unit software to prevent the issue from reoccurring. It will also update the battery thermal management.

There are no reports of injury from this particular issue. However, it is a concern for parents who are transporting children in the back seat.

The recall was first announced in July, and it is estimated that around 4,500 vehicles in the UK are affected. Porsche will send written notices to owners of these vehicles. They will also need to attend a workshop to complete the software upgrade.